WELCOME to the website of the  Republican Committee of Tioga County Pennsylvania. That is one of the purposes of this website. We hope you will take the time to explore the pages here, get information on the races being contested in the upcoming elections, and take the time to check the links to some of the other organizations working toward our common goal. We hope you will feel free to email us with comments or observations, and to keep us abreast of issues which may be of concern to you. It is our hope that this technology will help to make us all better informed voters.

Of course, technology allows us to reach out to many people very quickly, but it is important to remember that politics is still personal…individuals reaching out to other individuals. We need YOUR help. All the radio and print ads can’t accomplish what a phone call to a neighbor or a committed volunteer handing out literature at the polls on Election Day can. Few can do some things, but many can accomplish so much more!

So, look around our site and find out what is happening in your community. See what your Republican Party is doing. See which of your elected officials is coming to town to speak. Get information on the issues that will impact you. And above all – GET INVOLVED! Join us and become part of the growing voice of concerned citizens who are saying, “This is what I expect from my government.”, and, “This is what I am willing to do to see that it happens!”


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